How to wash your shooting vest

Washing your Castellani shooting vest requires a particular procedure. These steps help you to wash them correctly.


Steps to wash your Castellani vest

Castellani Rio and Tk pro shooting vests with Alcantara and Fabric recoil pads

Washing your Castellani shooting vest requires a particular procedure. Here you can learn it so easily.

These washing instructions are considered for Rio, London and TK Pro Castellani vests with Alcantara or fabric recoil pads.

Attention: vests with leather recoil pads must be professionally cleaned, not with a home washing machine.

Note: All models of our vests can also be dry cleaned or laundered by a professional laundry shop.


1- Color catcher


Castellani shooting vests have a combination of dark and light colors. So a color catcher product is recommended and should be added to every laundry basket.






2- Zipper

Zip the vest and turn it inside out before entering the wash cycle.





3- Program & temperature

It’s important to use a delicate washing machine program with water temperature at 30°C or 80°F.




4- Do not

Do not bleach, do not wring and also do not tumble dry.



5- Dry

Remember to hang dry your vest in the shade, out of direct sunlight.




6- Ironing

The maximum ironing temperature is 110°C or 230°F. Recoil pad should be ironed on the opposite side with a cloth barrier.





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